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The Career Clarity Show

Aug 25, 2020

Imagine starting out your career path working in finance at Capital One. You're well-paid, zooming up the corporate ladder, but feeling disengaged from the work and worried "this is all there is" in your career. You're making really good money, but know you're not happy and your current reality is unsustainable. What...

Aug 18, 2020

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If you've been feeling low on energy and motivation around your job search, today's episode of The Career Clarity Show is for you. We're interviewing certified career coach Jenn Smith about ways to master the mental game around keeping yourself healthy and...

Aug 11, 2020

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Woman face unique social and patriarchal pressures and challenges in the workplace. 
Until age 12 or 13, research shows that girls and boys perform on par, but something shifts in the teenage years that changes female behavior to be more shy and apologetic....

Aug 4, 2020

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These are challenging, trying times. It's easy to be feeling fatigue, hopelessness, or frustration about your work situation right now, no matter what it is. And what we're seeing is that this might be the new normal instead of a weird blip on the radar,...