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The Career Clarity Show

Dec 22, 2020

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Today on the podcast, we are talking about all things negotiation. When it comes to thinking about making a career change, it's so easy to psych yourself out at tons of different points along the way. 

There are all kinds of limiting beliefs and fears and worries that can pop up in our minds from “I shouldn't be negotiating right now because of the economic climate we're in” to “I shouldn't be negotiating because I'm making a career change.” 


To debunk and bust all of these internal scripts, I have negotiation expert, Olivia Jaras, who is going to be sharing all about her work her expertise, and how to make sure you are setting yourself up for success.

This episode is for you, if you have been on the prowl for a job, and you want to be prepared for a negotiation situation when it comes up. If you're not on the prowl, yet, but you're thinking about making a transition and want to make sure that you understand how to show other people what you're worth. And if you are in the thick of interviews right now, and you may be receiving an offer imminently, and you want to make sure that you have got exactly what you need in your toolbox to make that offer and the offer negotiation process go in your favor.

Show Notes: