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The Career Clarity Show

Dec 3, 2019

Welcome to The Career Clarity Show, where we help you find a lucrative, soulful, and joyful career path for you! Ever heard of a financial therapist? No? You’re not alone.

It's a real (and rad!) career path at the intersection of money and psychology. 

Even though she didn’t take a traditional path (or get her PhD in “money therapy”), Nicole Iacovoni created a full-time business as a financial therapist and teacher. She’s a great case study on the power of following your magnetic interests (and being unafraid to pivot), and she talked about her incredible, twisty-turny path to career fulfillment, including dreams of being a music teacher, a cop, working for the FBI, becoming a social worker, and finally her (for now) career: being a therapist who specializes in helping people create new relationships with their finances.

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