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The Career Clarity Show

Dec 8, 2020

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Today on the Career Clarity Show, we are talking about winding, twisting career stories, and how to take yourself from a path that might look good on the outside and not feel so great on the inside, to something that feels fulfilling, juicy, life giving and fabulous inside and out. 

This week’s episode is for you if you have been thinking about making a career change of your own, but you're on the fence and wanting to hear an inspiring story. And it's especially for you if you have been thinking about or are already in a high paying career. Something like law, medicine, working in finance, a place where it can feel really easy to have golden handcuffs on. 

Because Mo Chanmugham, the former entertainment lawyer turned executive career coach and founder of MGC coaching, is going to give you a really interesting and inspiring view into what life after some of those careers can look like that can still feel lucrative and satisfying for the soul.