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The Career Clarity Show

Mar 24, 2020

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Ever gotten the sense that you can "think" or "know" truths beyond just using your brain?

If you are well attuned to using your intuition in your life, grab your crystals and sage, because today’s interview with intuitive (and feminist as fuck) Career Clarity coach Nicki Dunnavant is gonna help you better tap into that intuition at work and use it to align your energy with the ideal work activities for you.

Our conversation and exploration spans everything from "how do I know what intuition even is" all the way to nerding out about ornithology (and unicorns). Suffice it to say, we cover a lot of ground and try a bunch of fun metaphors to make this admittedly intangible stuff as practical and actionable (even for those who don’t skew *too* woo).